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AECOMs Sarah Urbanowicz discusses authentic leadership

AECOM's Sarah Urbanowicz discusses authentic leadership

 January 06, 2023

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AECOM's Chief Information Officer (CIO) Sarah Urbanowicz has been featured in a podcast called Be Yourself at Work and Unlock Your Career produced by Information Services Group's Digital Dish.

In the podcast, Sarah shares some insight into the importance of creating a culture of authenticity in the office. She also discusses her experiences and advice on leading authentically, and on how and why to be yourself at work.

Authenticity can be a career accelerator

Being an authentic leader can, however, be hindered by the pressures of unrealistic standards and emulating a leadership style that doesn’t suit individuals.

Often, people may be hired or promoted into a new role where they feel like they have to be someone they're not. It’s exhausting to be constantly measuring against unrealistic expectations, to hold back from behaving authentically, or to emulate a leadership style that’s counter to preferred ways of working. And yet despite the downsides to productivity and morale, it’s often a struggle to be true to yourself at work.

The podcast dive deeps into the theme of being your authentic self, as not only can it be liberating, but authenticity can be a great career accelerator.

Leading authentically

The podcast is hosted by ISG Partner & President, Americas Sales, Lois Coatney, who interviews Sarah - and former Capgemini Head of Group Commercial & Contract Management, Isabelle Roux-Chenu.

In her role with AECOM, Sarah is responsible for the development and execution of the global IT strategy, including overseeing its infrastructure and operations, information security and compliance, enterprise application portfolio, IT procurement, and digital portfolio management. Her depth of knowledge allows her to create high-functioning teams with the appropriate capabilities, both people and technology. Sarah also leverages her breadth of experience and insight to deliver pragmatic, tactical solutions for the business.

AECOM's teams are driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world through the company's unrivaled technical expertise and innovation, a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to environmental, social and governance priorities.

Catch this insightful podcast now.

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