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WTW report reveals a gender wealth gap across Europe

WTW report reveals a gender wealth gap across Europe

 January 02, 2023

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WTW report, led by Senior Directors Manjit Basi, Rowena Agnes and Valentina Rocchi, reveals a gender wealth gap across Europe.

According to regional findings from 2022 Global Gender Wealth Equity Report, women are expected to accumulate less wealth than men at the end of their working careers. These findings also highlight the influences contributing to the gender wealth gap across Europe.

Revealing important findings about inequalities 

The findings, addressed by WTW leaders Manjit, Rowena, and Valentina, are grouped into the following categories:

  • Family support: including childcare and eldercare.
  • Career: pay and career progression.
  • Life events: including divorce and widowhood.
  • Financial: savings vehicles, and differences in financial literacy and risk tolerance.

Revealing significant gender wealth gap

New flagship research from WTW and the World Economic Forum found that there is a significant gender wealth gap between men and women at retirement. Upon retirement women globally are expected to accumulate only 74% of the wealth that men have, according to WTW's Wealth Equity Index.

WTW’s Global Gender Wealth Equity Report explores differences in gender wealth equity across five regions worldwide, analyzing reasons for the disparity – including the interlinked effects of career, family support, life events and financial literacy on wealth accumulation. WTW also shares actions employers can take to help improve gender equity.

Read more about WTW's Europe findings from its Global Gender Wealth Equity Report

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