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WTW flexible working gives Juliet Taylor a healthy work/life balance

WTW flexible working gives Juliet Taylor a healthy work/life balance

 January 05, 2023

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Many people value flexible working for a healthy work/life balance, and therefore are seeking out employers who can accommodate their needs and expectations. 

Prime employer for women WTW takes a very progressive approach to work, so that it's focused more on the work itself - rather than where the work gets done. The company advocates for flexible and remote working to increase employee engagement and retention, and best support its people.

Being fully present for her family

WTW's flexible approach to work positively impacts colleagues in many ways. For Marketing Leader Juliet Taylor, her remote work style allows her to be fully present for her family while continuing to meet client needs.

"Working flexibly enabled me to be fully present for my husband when he was living with ALS (motor neuron disease)," explains Juliet.

"I was never more than a few steps away, and we could enjoy our time together."

Enjoy a healthy work/life balance at WTW

WTW women like Juliet are bringing their best selves to work because of the healthy work/life balance provided by the company.

Explore a flexible approach to work and a thriving career with WTW.


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