Sabita Tripathy works in Honeywell Aerospace's customer service

 January 06, 2023

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Honeywell Futureshapers are unique and inspiring, reflecting the customers and communities that Honeywell serves. The company's culture is inclusive, built on respect, collaboration and diverse perspectives.

Meet Honeywell Senior Customer Experience Professional and Futureshaper, Sabita Tripathy.

Very ambitious and never bored

Sabita has worked in many fields before becoming a Senior Customer Experience Pro in Aerospace.

When discussing what made her want to join Aerospace with Honeywell, Sabita says: "Aerospace kind of sounded cool, and I wanted to be a part of it."

Sabita explains that one thing that keeps her engaged with her Honeywell career is that she is never bored. "You can have various emotions, but boredom is something you'll never be."

For Sabita, being a Honeywell Futureshaper means leaving the place a little bit better than how you found it and feeling satisfied that you have contributed.

In her free, Sabita enjoys bringing some of her own Indian culture to Switzerland where she resides.

Watch the video to learn more about Sabita's day-to-day work at Honeywell.

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