Theramex women are empowered to focus on their own health

Theramex women are empowered to focus on their own health

 January 24, 2023

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Theramex understands that employees must put time and efforts into their own health and wellbeing to successfully carry out the work they do in raising awareness and empowering women globally.

Theramex ensures that women feel supported and happy when it comes to their health. One area of focus is the menopause. Thermax encourages women to talk to their doctors about their health issues, and seeking support to learn more about treatments available.

Talking openly about menopause issues

Juliana Demarchi, a Theramex Senior Manager and HR leader based in Brazil, sets herself goals for a happy and healthy menopause. 

“I will talk to my doctor openly to plan my menopause, to make sure I’m happy throughout this natural stage in my life," explains Juliana.

Dedicated to support women and their health

Theramex is dedicated supporting women and their health because, by improving access to their care and appropriate treatment, everyone benefits. 

Theramex cites a report published in 2022 by the UK Parliament on menopause in the workplace. The report reveals that women over 50 make up the fastest growing group in the workplace, with women today staying in work over four years longer than in 1986.

These women are key to the workforce, not only acting as role models to younger employees, but also by bringing in significant skill sets and experience. All these factors are positive for the economy and society at large. For Theramex, this points towards uplifting and supporting the health needs of these women more. 

However, the report states that many of these women often feel forced to leave work due to menopausal symptoms.

Interviewing an expert in women's health

Exploring this issue further, Theramex interviews women's health, expert Dr Sheila De Liz, who works as a gynaecologist and author.

"Women's health, it affects everybody. It's going to affect your marriage, it's going to affect your husband, your relationship with your husband," explains Dr De Liz. "So, it's everyone's business. It should be on everyone's priority list."

Work for a company that supports women's health 

Every member of the Theramex team has a genuine passion for improving the lives of women around the world.

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