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National Mentoring Month sees DreamBig@WTW make an impact

National Mentoring Month sees DreamBig@WTW make an impact

 January 26, 2023

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Working for a company that is investing in future leaders can be incredibly rewarding, knowing that there is support and care to help young people develop their skills and confidence in order to succeed. WTW believes that a culture of inclusion and diversity (I&D) is critical to its business.

Supporting National Mentoring Month

WTW participated in National Mentoring Month, a campaign run throughout January by nonprofit organization MENTOR and its affiliates. The campaign aims to unify and expand the mentoring movement, celebrate the power of relationships, and raise awareness around the importance of youth mentoring in the United States. MENTOR advocates for mentorship, legislative priorities, and raises awareness for how one conversation, one experience, and one mentor can change a young person’s life. National Mentoring Month sees a focus on asking people to imagine a world where young people feel empowered, encouraged, and understood. Mentors can make that world a reality by helping young people find and follow their passions, excel in school, and thrive wherever they are.

Making an impact through mentorship

For National Mentoring Month, WTW held workshop on LinkedIn, personal branding, and resume tips to help mentees become future leaders and entrepreneurs. Additionally, WTW has an innovative international program DreamBig@WTW that makes an impact through mentorship.

DreamBig@WTW supports young people from marginalized communities and who face adversity in the U.S. and the UK to develop business and life skills. Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Urban Synergy, WTW helps disadvantaged youth to define passions, gain confidence, see their potential, build skills – and maximize opportunities. The program specifically targets young people facing socioeconomic adversities through an intensive three-year program, that focuses on the core tenets of mentorship, experience and giving back.

The three-year program provides mentorship from WTW professionals and summer internships within WTW. While giving back to communities, the program also helps produce future business leaders and entrepreneurs, strengthens communities in need of the company's support, and help make WTW more diverse.

Raising awareness about the importance of youth mentoring

WTW future leader mentees

Aimed at 15–18-year-olds, supporting them through their key transition stages, the DreamBig@WTW program provides skills-based training enabling youth to engage and learn about all aspects of WTW’s People, Risk, and Capital business segments – including key skills of problem-solving, data analytics, and communication.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Urban Synergy and WTW mentors meet with youth monthly during the school year to help them build confidence to ‘dream big’ and develop skills in pursuing their future careers. The program also offers paid summer internships within a line of business at WTW, and guidance to reinvest skills in their communities.

“Our goal is to produce future business leaders and entrepreneurs, capable of meeting the business needs of the 21st century, while also helping to make their communities stronger," says WTW's Co-Head of Dream Big, Cheree Psalms.

“We are committed to strengthening our communities’ social, emotional, and economic well-being and equally as important, to growing a qualified, diverse, and local workforce,” adds Cheree.

“No other segment of the community needs us more than our youth. We want to do our part in helping to produce confident, successful entrepreneurs and business professionals, who will not only be prepared for the workforce but inspired to serve and give back to their communities,” comments WTW's Co-Head of Dream Big, Nikki Hall-Jones.

Supporting young people to develop business and life skills

WTW mentorship future leaders and entrepreneurs

WTW knows that Inclusion & Diversity have a direct impact on its ability to grow and excel. That's why WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected and valued for who they are.

The company believes that building diverse teams that leverage best thinking and efforts will help WTW make better decisions, be more creative and improve WTW's ability help clients solve complex problems.

Work for an employer supporting future leaders

With more than 45,000 colleagues worldwide, WTW's success is built on inclusion, diversity and teamwork.

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