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AECOMs Angélica Ruedas is passionate about the environment

AECOM's Angélica Ruedas is passionate about the environment

 February 08, 2023

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AECOM offers the opportunity to work within a global community of technical experts and professionals, where employees can create relationships that not only supports their development but provides a career path that fits their goals.

AECOM is a company that gives back 

Passionate about the environment, AECOM Environmental Scientist Angélica Ruedas (Rue), is excited about working for a company that gives back across the communities it serves. 

"I’m enthusiastic about environmentalism and giving back to the world. That is why I’m excited to work for a company like AECOM that is actively involved in the managing and development of our world," says Rue. 

A passion for sustainability 

Rue has a strong passion for conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability, and she earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Fordham University in New York. H her coursework focused on a strong foundation of STEM subject matter, as well as environmental history and sustainable development.

Throughout university and since graduating, Rue gained professional experience in various internships and positions in the conservation field, and has worked in offices, laboratories, and in the field to tackle work behind the scenes and undertake hands-on challenges.

"I hope to continue applying the knowledge and experience I've acquired thus far to inform my creative, impassioned work in pursuit of the defense and healing of the natural world," explains Rue. 

Embark on an impressive career with AECOM 

AECOM has learning and growth programs that advance careers, giving the potential of working on projects around the world.

Furthermore, AECOM offers great flexible work options that help balance the demands of work and life. 

Enjoy the exciting career opportunities with AECOM. 


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