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WTWs Naraphorn Inthachuea discusses digital talent retention

WTW's Naraphorn Inthachuea discusses digital talent retention

 February 13, 2023

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With increasing competition for top talent around the world, WTW Director of Work & Rewards for Thailand & Indochina, Naraphorn Inthachuea, outlines some ways for organizations to retain digital talent within a sector with the highest turnover.

An Artificial Intelligence and Digital Talent (AIDT) salary survey conducted by WTW found that nearly all employers, or 97 per cent of companies in Asia Pacific are struggling to attract their digital talent.

“The COVID-19 crisis has been a driving force behind digital transformation. Now more than ever, businesses are investing in creating streamlined digital processes. Here in Thailand, the government is also pushing the digital economy to contribute 30% of the country’s GDP by 2027,” says Naraphorn.

“Today's digital talent is looking for more than just a good salary. Organizations must also reassure their employees that their role leads to continuous learning and that they will be able to advance their skills while working. Providing a work environment surrounded by innovative and tech-minded coworkers who share their enthusiasm and preparedness for the digital transition will help to create employee experiences that attract and retain the talent needed to drive business objectives,” she comments.

“Organisations will need to look beyond pay and take a holistic view of total rewards to create employee experiences that attract and retain talent needed to drive business objectives. Now is the time for employers to rethink and redesign employee reward packages,” adds Naraphorn.

Read the full article featuring insightful commentary from WTW Director, Naraphorn Inthachuea.

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