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WTW podcast addresses mental health in the construction industry

WTW podcast addresses mental health in the construction industry

 February 15, 2023

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Gain the latest perspectives from the construction industry by listening to WTW's informative podcast series.

Construction Blueprints podcast captures conversations from around the global construction industry. WTW experts chat with industry colleagues and construction leaders, debating global topics that can expand listeners' knowledge and provide them with an engaging perspective on the industry.

Dedicating the first episode to mental health

WTW dedicates this first podcast episode to discussing mental health. A serious issue in the construction industry, WTW cites that the sector ranks as the second highest in suicide rates.

WTW believes traditional industry risk control efforts focus entirely on physical loss and greatly ignore mental health. WTW urges safety professionals in the construction industry to create and foster a culture that puts psychological safety first.

Considering unique needs for emotional wellness

Episode one of Construction Blueprints sees host Jonathan Oppenheim, WTW North America Regional Construction Leader, discuss the topic of mental health in construction with WTW Senior Director of Health, Equity & Wellbeing, Erin Terkoski Young.

Through her career at WTW, Erin helps clients address employee mental health in ways that are effective and take into consideration the unique needs for emotional health and wellness.

Sharing advice for employee wellbeing 

Erin shares intriguing thoughts and insights on wellbeing in construction, in particular what employers can do to support their workforce.

"There is not just one thing that you can do around mental health. It's really a multifaceted approach to addressing it. And in some cases, and especially in an industry such as the construction industry that has a rich history of stereotypes, maybe it is male-dominated, whatever it may be, it's going to take time to begin to break down those barriers," says Erin. 

"We need to train our work forces, our leaders, and our managers to be aware of what those mental health signs and symptoms look like, how to respond in cases of crisis, but also maybe in cases of concern not necessarily a full-blown someone is sitting in front of me who's suicidal. But there are many warning signs that oftentimes lead up to that. And early intervention and that preventative care is so important in getting the message out and getting people comfortable around decreasing the stigma with mental health," adds Erin.

Listen to the full episode of WTW's Construction Blueprints podcast.

Work for a company that values employee health

Experts like Erin Young support employee health and wellbeing at WTW to create a positive workplace culture.  

Enjoy a thriving career at WTW.


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