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Diya Luke co-leads WTWs Gender Equity Inclusion Network

Diya Luke co-leads WTW's Gender Equity Inclusion Network

 February 28, 2023

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WTW is home to some impressive women leaders, spearheading the company's purpose to transform tomorrows.

One of these women is Diya Luke, WTW's Growth Acceleration Leader of Health, Wealth & Career, who also co-leads the company's Gender Equity Inclusion Network

Diya describes herself as a "valiant explorer" and "connector", both in her personal and professional life.

The impact of inclusion and diversity

Diya is a "third culture kid", who has grown up in multiple countries, which means she' i always learning from people from different cultures. This diversity of thought and experience extends into her career at WTW

Every day, Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) has an impact on Diya's experience at WTW.

"I have been the beneficiary of allies, and I have been the sponsor of myself. The most important thing to remember is people can play multiple roles in the I&D agenda. You can be a leader, or a follower, or a participant, and all those roles are really important," says Diya.

Leading with inclusion and valuing diversity

From an I&D perspective, Diya shares what sets WTW apart from other companies.

"Whether it's all the amazing work that happens on the ground up in various Inclusion Networks, or it's what we support top down, we lead with inclusion. We really value those diverse perspectives because we know it makes us stronger," explains Diya.

Embracing mistakes in the I&D journey

"Sometimes we're nervous about change or doing something different, and putting ourselves in different situations, because we don't want to offend others, or we don't want to misstep," says Diya on the subject of what WTW can do to enhance I&D.

For Diya, overcoming these worries means embracing the "oops" and "ouch" moments, which enables companies and individuals to keep progressing along an inclusive journey. 

Valuing the important role of global citizen

The most important role that Diya holds is that of a global citizen. 

"I take very seriously the role that I play not only in my immediate circle but also for the planet, for humanity, and our greater ecosystem," comments Diya.

Describing her favorite hobby 

On a personal note, Diya shares where she' would go if she could be magically transported to any city in the world.

"Cairo in the 1980s. It's where I grew up. I have really strong memories from my childhood. I'd really love to go back and see what it's like, knowing everything that I know," says Diya.

And her favorite hobby? "Definitely cooking. It's a challenge to make anything, and I'm willing to bet it'll turn out okay."

Sharing some life advice 

Finally, Diya shares some great advice that has served her best in life: "We have two ears, and one mouth, for a reason."

Inspired by Diya Luke?

WTW believes that fostering healthy company cultures steeped in inclusion and diversity will have the greatest impact on talent experience, and demonstrate a commitment to a shared purpose and empowerment of the workforce.

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