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 March 15, 2023

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Honeywell Futureshapers bring their ideas, passions and entrepreneurial drive to solve customer and societal challenges to transform the world. They are connected to Honeywell's common purpose of innovation and creating exceptional technologies with a responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future.

Meet Honeywell Futureshaper and Systems Engineer II, Victoria Glessner. Victoria has written and coordinated flight tests to ensure Honeywell's systems perform as intended. Victoria is one of the many women engineers with the company working to make flight more sustainable.

Victoria her shares her advice for new Honeywell teammates. Victoria herself came to Honeywell through its University Relations Development Program (URDP), and here she shares what she appreciates most about the exciting projects she is fortunate to work on at Honeywell.

Supporting young engineers

Victoria is a Systems Engineer for Honeywell's Anthem, its next Generation avionics system, and has worked with Honeywell for about 18 months.

"I chose Honeywell because I graduated in 2021 and, as I was looking around, it felt like Honeywell was one of the companies that still during that hard time really wanted to invest in students and young engineers. When I came and saw what I would be working on here this space, and this lab, and got to meet the team and the managers, I was really excited," says Victoria

Victoria has found Honeywell's URDP to be really helpful as it certainly helps early career employees gain their footing within the company.

"I really appreciated a lot of the sessions that were put on for us, like what to expect out of the performance review, and things like that that help you get acclimated to the company culture," comments Victoria.

Gaining real world experience

For Victoria, everything in the program is really memorable to her, but she claims the most exciting aspect she has worked on since joining Honeywell has been the going on flight tests.

"Even as a really new engineer, I've had the opportunity to coordinate and write the test for the flight test, and then also to go on the test, go on the flight, and execute those test points to see how our system is performing," explains Victoria

"It has been a really cool position to have in the development of a program where you're going on flights, writing the test steps for those flights, and seeing what is the real deal with the product that we're building."

Enjoying good team support and mentoring

Victoria explains that the team she works with is very helpful and that a lot of mentoring has been received. Victoria took on a lot of responsibility within a short time, which she'd not expected and so having the support and mentoring available to her from her team was very valuable.

"I really like what I work on because I can put it in context with what it's going to do in the Aerospace industry. So, working on a new avionics platform that can be used on things like Urban Air Mobility, I can just imagine that someday in a decade that I might be flying on a platform that uses this. Eventually you might take a commuter flight from New York to Philadelphia...or even a local commuter flight...from my house to the airport," explains Victoria.

"I think there is a lot of opportunities this avionics platform is going to enable that are really exciting to me, and that a lot of people will have access to it in their everyday life," Victoria adds.

Exciting opportunities to be hands-on

Victoria enjoys being on site mainly because she enjoys working with her team, and she really appreciates collaborating with them in person.

"I also like being on site because I get a lot of opportunities to work in the lab and be hands-on with the system that we're building. Being in the lab is a lot of fun for me because I think I'm a very visual person and so being able to test out the system see the cockpit level effects and put myself in the Pilot's shoes for what we're building is really meaningful to me," explains Victoria.

"I'm excited for my future at Honeywell because we have some really big milestones coming up in the near future like our first flight, and certifying the program that I'm working on. So I think those are going to be really big celebrations within the team, and a huge step for the industry as a whole."

Importance of asking questions as an early career employee

Victoria's advice to anyone who is new to Honeywell is to take complete advantage of the team that they have around them.

"I have found that everyone is so happy to help. As an early career individual asking questions, interfacing with your team and calling them up - all of that's going to serve you really well in your career," concludes Victoria.

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