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AECOMs Lucy Carraz shares the importance of social value

AECOM's Lucy Carraz shares the importance of social value

 March 15, 2023

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AECOM Head of Government sector and ESG Lead for UK, Europe & India, Lucy Carraz, discusses the role of social value and sustainability, alongside increasing representation and inclusivity in the workplace.

Highlighting what this means for AECOM clients’ projects and how the organization shapes and drives this through its equity, diversity and inclusion committee, Lucy says: "Our role is focused on supporting the decarbonization of the public sector estates and identifying how organizations can work together on the path to net-zero energy costs."

The importance of social value 

"Social value sits at the center of everything we do for our clients. It's about climate change, equity, diversity, inclusion and mental wellbeing. It’s also about economic resilience and how we can help our towns, cities and communities be stronger and more resilient post Covid-19 by working with local small and medium-sized businesses," explains Lucy. 

Looking at how AECOM builds social value and sustainability into projects for its clients, Lucy states: "We build it in through our design work such as the architectural, interior design and engineering choices we make such as designs around the fabric of the building and façade design."

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Lucy has a passion for creating sustainable legacies

Lucy is the Government Sector Lead for AECOM’s Building + Places (B+P) business in Europe. Lucy is based in London, UK and has been with AECOM through legacy businesses for nearly 20 years, always working for public sector clients. Lucy has an FM and PM background and a strong focus and passion for creating sustainable legacies through the social infrastructure projects AECOM delivers for central and local government organizations including parliamentary, education and justice clients.

Lucy is currently working with clients and industry partners to drive innovation in climate change and social value including AECOM's SME engagement, ED&I, safety and wellbeing. Lucy sits on the B+P Global ED&I committee and often participates on leadership panels for AECOM’s training programs.

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