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Neha Kapoor outlines the benefits of a WTW internship

Neha Kapoor outlines the benefits of a WTW internship

 March 15, 2023

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WTW internships are designed to give maximum insight into the business and the best possible preparation for a future career. Interns apply what they've learned at university to real-life intellectual challenges. 

Receiving unmatched support 

Actuarial Analyst in Retirement Consulting in India, Neha Kapoor, discusses about the unmatched support she received as a WTW Intern, stating: "There will always be someone here to help you out with your work."

"I chose WTW for my internship because the variety of projects you get to work here is just amazing. You do not get restricted to just one kind of monotonous work. Also, you have that client interaction and that consulting feel at a very young stage of your career, which was the main attraction for me," explains Neha.

Gaining confidence in a client-facing role 

When looking at how she has developed during her time at WTW, Neha says: "WTW made me gain confidence in myself by talking to the client, and I got my clients for project management very soon after joining here, which helped me a lot to brush up my soft skills as well as technical skills."

"I started my internship in October 2020 and my main goal then was to just get a permanent role and I got permanent within just six months of joining here, and I was ready to take on the responsibility of client management, training other interns, working and delivering some special projects."

Neha shares what advice she'd give to a future WTW intern. "If you are someone who is looking for an internship at WTW, I would advise you to try to learn as much as possible and do not shy away from opportunities, but just know that there will always be a team to support you and help build your knowledge."

Working on special projects 

In her current role, Neha performs actuarial valuation of employee benefit provisions for both Global and Indian companies.

She prepares actuarial reports under relevant Indian and International accounting standards (IND AS19, AS15, IAS19 and US GAAP) for employee benefits such as Gratuity, Leave, Long Term Awards, Provident Funds and Pensions.

Neha also works on special projects like Social Security Code (Wage Code), Gratuity Harmonization, Leave Resigning, Projections and Assumption Analysis, and performs software conversions of employee benefit schemes.

Being an early careers journey with WTW 

WTW offers students real-world business experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Interns undertake work that takes them out of their comfort zone and offers something new and unexpected every day.

Interested? Learn more about the range of internship opportunities available with WTW.


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