Honeywells Kelsey Keberle is excited about the future of aviation

Honeywell's Kelsey Keberle is excited about the future of aviation

 March 28, 2023

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As a pilot with a background in shoe and jewelry design, Kelsey Keberle enjoys the challenge of being an Advanced User Experience Designer at Honeywell, and is excited about being a part of the future of aviation.

Enjoying a challenging workplace environment 

Kelsey has been with Honeywell for seven years. "I came out of school from an industrial design background and I got an internship at Van's doing shoe design, where I designed a few snowboard boots and then after that I spent a year doing jewelry design. Then I had a friend that worked here [Honeywell] and they said, 'Hey, I really think you're going to dig this.' So I had no nothing about aerospace, I knew nothing about airplanes, but I liked the challenge," shares Kelsey. 

"I do have my pilot's license. I got involved early during my first year here in the Aero Women's Network, met a lot of amazing people there. At one of those events they gave away an hour at a flight simulator, so I went there, I did the hour, and I was hooked, and I said sign me up!"

Outside work Kelsey spends a lot of time with her dogs and outside. "My whole family lives in Phoenix, so we spend a lot of time together. I love backpacking, hiking and flying on the weekends.

Leading the way in the future of aviation 

"What makes me proud to be a future shaper is probably seeing the things that we worked on in the world, and seeing different companies in the industry start looking to Honeywell as someone who's leading the way in the future of aviation, that's incredibly exciting."

Honeywell gives women exciting opportunities 

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