Honeywells Thea Feyereisen works with pilots and engineers

Honeywell's Thea Feyereisen works with pilots and engineers

 April 17, 2023

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Meet Honeywell Aerospace Senior Human Factors Fellow, Thea Feyereisen, who is passionate about aviation inside and outside of work.

"My favorite part about my job is really sitting in the jump seat and bossing the pilots around on the test cards! But I love the diversity of Honeywell, and I love that we're helping make the future safer and more green," shares Thea. 

A passion for aviation 

Having been with Honeywell for more than 20 years, Thea started as an intern and then transitioned into full time. "I'm fortunate to be a patent holder on over 50 patents, usually it's team patents, so there's usually a couple of people on them," she shares.

"I kind of think of myself as a translator between the pilots and the engineers, so having a graduate degree in Human Factors Engineering I can speak engineering while also having that pilot background I can also speak pilot."

Helping define a path for the next generation 

"Outside of work I'm still passionate about aviation. I love mentoring and going into schools. I'm a mother of a daughter that's just started university Wisconsin Madison," explains Thea.

"Being a future shaper my role at Honeywell is really helping define that next path, that next generation leap in safety and operational efficiency for flying."

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