Honeywell engineer Courtney McKelphin feels very empowered

Honeywell engineer Courtney McKelphin feels very empowered

 April 17, 2023

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Meet Courtney McKelphin, a program manager in Honeywell's federal solutions division.

An impressive futureshaper, Courtney supports the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), an organization that is on a mission to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

Courtney describes her career at Honeywell and shares how NBSE has empowered her to thrive personally and professionally.

Working with cutting-edge technology

As a program manager in Honeywell's federal solutions division, Courtney's role involves collaborating with external partners and translating their requirements, expectations, and priorities to engineers, the factory floor and other functions such as finance. Courtney also works closely with product teams and communicates back risks and concerns to external program managers. 

"I love that I get to be surrounded by really cool engineering. My role is on the research and development side, so I get to see cutting-edge technology from incredibly smart people, and I get to share that with external partners that will be supporting our projects," explains Courtney.

Empowered through community 

Courtney has been involved with NSBE since college. Courtney went to the University of Kentucky for her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, and Missouri State University for her MBA, and has stayed involved professionally. 

"Having a technical degree, being a woman, being Black, and being a young, Black engineer are all intersections that can be isolating, so being part of an established community through NSBE is empowering. Being able to connect to NSBE around the world and country has been critical for my development. Connections, my friendships and the authenticity I bring to my career all have a foundation very much based in what NSBE does," adds Courtney.

Inspired to try and see new things 

Finally, Courtney shares what inspires her every day in her Honeywell career: "I get inspired about trying and seeing new things, and I’m glad I’ve settled into a role and company where I can do that," says Courtney.

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