Honeywell's Kehaulani Pickering is a Project Materials Manager

 May 17, 2023

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Meet Honeywell Aerospace Integrated Supply Chain Project Manager, Kehaulani Pickering

Kehaulani is a Hawaii native and attests that she is very passionate about culture, and being a Futureshaper for the sake of the next generation, who will one day continue the legacy.

Kehaulani has been with Honeywell for 15 years. "I started back in 2007 and kind of worked my way through production control to planning to project management to now here as a Materials Manager," she explains.

Products that launch into space 

"I love working for Honeywell Aerospace in Glendale USA. I love their products. Everything that we build here in this facility gets launched into space and that's just fascinating and amazing," shares Kehaulani, who was born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii but moved to Arizona for career opportunities. 

Laying the groundwork for future generations 

"I have a beautiful family, a husband who is definitely very supportive through my career path here, and three wonderful children, and we love anything to do with culture coming from Hawaii. We have a big diverse culture there," says Kehaulani. 

"What it means to be a Futureshaper is this, laying the ground for our children really. Just progressing and evolving technology and just continuing that drive and that pride and product so that our next Generation continues it on, and continues that legacy."

Working for Honeywell means shaping the future 

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