Honeywell engineer Mythri enjoys working with cutting-edge AI

Honeywell engineer Mythri enjoys working with cutting-edge AI

 May 24, 2023

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Whether coding, building, hacking, designing or testing, Honeywell engineers put their passion and energy into delivering world-class products that will empower customers.

Meet Honeywell engineer Mythri, whose impressive career working with innovative technologies is profiled by colleague and Customer Marketing Specialist, Kailey Loud.

Exploring advancements in artifical intelligence

When Mythri joined Honeywell 17 years ago, artificial intelligence - or AI - was something mostly seen in movies or television shows. In the last two decades, AI has helped advance nearly all industries and as a lead embedded engineer working for Honeywell in Bangalore in India, Mythri is on the ground floor of countless cutting-edge innovations.

“AI is the most in-demand and trending technical skill that everyone is aspiring to possess nowadays. As an engineer, I was naturally drawn towards the advancements in AI and how it is changing the way the world works. I was fortunate to attend a newly launched Artificial Intelligence Academy last year, which just deepened my desire to pursue additional AI learning," explains Mythri.

Inspiring the next generation of STEM innovators

For Mythri, inspiring the next generation of female engineers, scientists and innovators is essential to increase the talent pipeline and provide opportunities for more technological advancements in the future.

“I would strongly recommend young girls pursue STEM careers and broaden their knowledge in these exciting fields. Applying scientific knowledge and learning to come up with breakthrough ideas and solve challenging issues is remarkably inspiring and exciting," adds Mythri.

Read the full article to find out more about Mythri's engineering career at Honeywell.

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