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Enjoy excellent remote and flexible working options at WTW

Enjoy excellent remote and flexible working options at WTW

 May 25, 2023

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WTW is a supportive and caring employer, and its flexible work opportunities enable colleagues to spend more time doing what they enjoy most, while ensuring client needs are met. 

Enjoying freedon and balance through flexible working

“Hybrid working allows me to spend more time with family, do activities in the evening, walk my dog and keep her coming if I can’t arrange dog care. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about a long commute every day, which I really appreciate,” says WTW Team Administrator, Esra Kennedy [pictured above]

Below Esra shares her story about hybrid working at WTW in more detail, and how it has specifically enabled her to spend more time with her family.

"My current WTW Work Flex style is hybrid. Some of the benefits I enjoy most about this arrangement are that I can spend more time with family, do more activities in the evenings, and save money on petrol and car maintenance," she explains.

"I tend to go into the office at least once a week, but this can vary depending on the business need and what I have scheduled in my diary that week. I appreciate this as going into the office breaks the week up, and it is nice to catch up in person with colleagues, especially ones I don’t work closely with day to day. If a hybrid working style wasn’t made available to me, I would not have been able to properly care for my dog. Hybrid working allows me to be at home to walk her and keep her company if I can’t arrange dog care. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about a long commute every day which I really appreciate," says Esra.

Grateful to work in such a supportive company environment

A further colleague, WTWT Director Heather Hambrick, shares how flexible working allows her to balance both her job at WTW and an external PhD program in Healthcare Administration.

"Our lives are made up of so many different priorities. These are ever-changing, so flexible working empowers the ability to shift in a dynamic environment. Working remotely for WTW enables me to save two hours travel time every day, meaning I am able to do more of the things I love, such as spending quality time with my spouse, looking after my cats and cooking!" comments Heather.

"Shortly before joining WTW, in my own time, I began an accelerated PhD program in Healthcare Administration. I will graduate with my Doctorate in Healthcare Administration this August and look forward to what this can do for my work at WTW," she says. "I really appreciate having the flexibility of working from home, so that I don’t have to lose any study time to commuting to and from work."

"I am able to shift from my early morning schoolwork seamlessly into my workday at WTW and continue studying in the evenings. I cannot express how grateful I am to find such a supportive company environment that enables this success!" attests Heather.

Flexible working arrangements can be life-changing

WTW Account Manager, Angela Hillier, shares the significant impact that flexible working has had on her everyday life.

"The flexible working arrangements at WTW have been life-changing for me. Previously, my daily commute totalled three hours and I never had time to go to exercise classes as they didn’t fit in around my travel to and from work. Now, without this commute, I can easily fit in pilates classes three times a week and start my day positively before working remotely. This arrangement has also enabled me to finish work early once a week and pick up my grandson from day care, which is a very precious time for me. The time saved by not commuting every day is so much better spent walking the dogs, getting my domestic chores done and improving my work-life balance. Thank you WTW!" she says.

Flexibility is key to an inclusive and diverse workforce

WTW understands that flexibility is key to supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce, and so it provides a variety of different working arrangements that it calls WTW Work Flex.

The company encourages its colleagues and candidates to make requests for the types of flexible working arrangements that best suit them. These requests often include, but are not limited to:

• Location-based arrangementsWTW has three working styles: remote, in-office, and hybrid. The majority of colleagues work in the hybrid style, with a mix of remote, in-person and in-office interactions, dependent on the needs of the team, role and clients. 

Flexible working patterns WTW trusts employees to know their work and the people, tools and environment they need to be successful. 

WTW is focused on creating the best outcomes, for its clients and colleagues, not where or when this is achieved. Some examples of flexible working patterns may include job sharing and part-time working.

Enjoy a flexible working role with WTW

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