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WTW's Alejandra Velez enjoys the flexibility of remote working

 May 25, 2023

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WTW understands that flexibility is key to supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce, and offers different kinds of working arrangements. The company calls this WTW Work Flex.

WTW encourages its colleagues and candidates to make requests for the types of flexible working arrangements that suit them.

Project Management Associate Alejandra Velez enjoys working remotely for WTW.

Thanks to the flexibility offered through remote working, Alejandra can work effectively from different locations throughout the year, meaning she is able to continue to practice a wide range of languages, spend quality time with her family and friends, and do the things she enjoys most.

Alejandra works for the Sales Execution team for Health and Benefits globally. She spends 90 per cent of her time working remotely, and goes into the office anytime there is anyone she needs to meet.

"Working remotely and with this flexibility allows me to get to know my peers, my colleagues in different parts of the world," says Alejandra.

"Working remotely has given me the chance to spend more time with my family and my friends around the world. It has also let me create better connections in my work."

If Alejandra didn't work remotely she wouldn't be able to work between the hours where she spends time with her family and working in different time zones, she says. "I also wouldn't be able to still continue practicing the languages I speak like French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Also working remotely lets me be able to go to the gym or have a healthier well-being."

Outside work Alejandra enjoys water sports, so anytime she is living near the ocean she loves to surf and kite surf. "I also really like to read books and photography, and I love spending time with my friends and family," Alejandra says.

WTW trusts its people

WTW is focused on creating the best outcomes, for clients and colleagues, not where or when this is achieved. The company trusts its employees to know their work and the people, tools and environment they need to be successful.

WTW has three working styles: remote, in-office and hybrid. The majority of its colleagues work in the 'hybrid' style, with a mix of remote, in-person and in-office interactions, dependent on the needs of the team, role and clients. Some examples of flexible working patterns may include job sharing and part-time working.

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