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WTW's Monica D’Silva explains her preferred work location

 May 31, 2023

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WTW understands that flexibility is key to supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce.

The company has a variety of different working arrangements called WTW Work Flex and encourages colleagues and candidates to make requests for the types of flexible working arrangements that suit them. These requests may include, but are not limited to: location-based arrangements and flexible working patterns.

WTW has remote, in-office and hybrid working styles. The majority of WTW's colleagues work in the 'hybrid' style, with a mix of remote, in-person and in-office interactions, dependent on the needs of the team, role and clients.

Finding a working arrangement that best suits

WTW Business Support Supervisor, Monica D’Silva says her experience of in-office working works best for her, rather than remote or hybrid working, and offers the ideal choice for her.

Monica finds being physically present in the office enables her to separate her work and home life, allowing her to fully focus on work while in the office and enjoy her free time at home with family.

Monica worked only occasionally from the office during lockdown, but is now working in an in-office environment more permanently.

"Being a part of real estate and workplace solution team work from office is an ideal choice for me. At the office, I can focus on collaborative work, make faster decisions and complete my task on time," says Monica.

"Best part of working from offices is I can meet, connect and discuss work with my colleagues and my client in person."

Clearly dividing the day

Working from the office means that Monica is able to have a clear division of her day and focus.

"This allows me to always give a hundred percent to both to my work and to my family," comments Monica.

Benefits of being an in-office worker

Monica attest that working from the office has continued to be beneficial for her. "My team and I work closely on large projects. Working from home would make execution of tasks difficult," she explains.

"Our team is also responsible for creating and maintaining safe environment to our colleagues and this would not be possible in a remote setup," says Monica.

Spending quality time with family and friends

Outside of work, Monica really enjoys cooking. "Whenever I have the opportunity I cook some delicious meal with different cuisine for my family and friends," concludes Monica.

WTW has a variety of working arrangements to suit all its colleagues

There is a global dimension to almost everything WTW does, creating exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

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