Hear from a Honeywell Senior Engineering Program Manager

Hear from a Honeywell Senior Engineering Program Manager

 May 31, 2023

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Cavene Vanhorne Robinson is a Senior Engineering Program Manager at Honeywell, working in Arizona USA. She is committed to making air travel more sustainable,

As part of her engineering role, Cavene powers down harmful radiation in the aviation industry.

"If you are traveling between airports for 180 minutes, you want to be able to have auxiliary power for you to be able to land the airplane. If the two main engines go out, the APU then becomes essential," explains Cavene.

"The Legacy that I want to leave for my children is to respect the environment. How do we reduce harmful emissions from our APUs? The best scenario is when we are able to power an APU fully with hydrogen," explains Cavene.

"Being a Futureshaper, for me means my opinions are valued knowing that I want to see the change towards a more sustainable future," she says. 

Prior to Cavene's Senior Engineering Program Manager role, her further roles at Honeywell have included working as an Engineer, Program & Product Lead - and before that as a Honeywell Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Certification Projects Engineer; Control Systems Project Engineer;  Product Development Quality Assurance Process Assurance & Certification; and as a Data Automation Systems Engineer.

Creativity powering innovation 

A creative person at heart, Cavene grew up in Jamaica and used to make toys out of scraps and paper, and little else. This resourceful creativity led her to what she does today for Honeywell: redesigning and removing radioactive materials from aircrafts. 

Just this year, she and her team put into service the first high tension radiation-free exciter (the part that delivers high voltage to the igniter in an engine).

The sky is the limit for Cavene.

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