Honeywells Jen Kennedy focuses on energy efficient buildings

Honeywell's Jen Kennedy focuses on energy efficient buildings

 July 02, 2023

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As an Event Specialist for HoneywellJen Kennedy works on creating healthier buildings today for healthier tomorrows.

Around the world, there’s a growing realization that building health matters for an occupant’s well-being. Healthier indoor air quality can improve the occupant experience, employee retention, and overall efficiency.

Creating more energy efficient buildings 

Jen organizes and directs events designed to promote actionable options for building operators and owners to create safer, more comfortable and energy efficient buildings.

No matter the size of the building, or the number of locations, she’s helping the trade make healthy buildings a priority.

As a Futureshaper, Jen helps make the world a better place today and for the future.

Join Jen as a Futureshaper at Honeywell 

Honeywell offers many roles that see employees helping to create a sustainable future. 

Want to work to create a healthier tomorrow?

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