Honeywell Director Nikki Mehta transforms buildings and the world

Honeywell Director Nikki Mehta transforms buildings and the world

 June 06, 2023

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As Honeywell's Director of Offering Management, Nikki Mehta works to transform buildings, and the world.

An outdoor enthusiast and climate change champion, Nikki saw the effects of climate change firsthand after hiking one of Switzerland’s most legendary alpine destinations, Jungfraujoch, and a glacier in Iceland.

Both of these challenging experiences inspired Nikki to make sustainability a core tenet in her life.

Working to tackle sustainability challenges

At Honeywell, Nikki develops software solutions to help customers assess, analyze, and optimize their building carbon footprint. Much like climbing, she’s tackling sustainability challenges one step at a time.

Honeywell Futureshapers help build a safer, smarter and more sustainable world. 

Honeywell employs impressive women 

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