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A discussion with WTW Actuarial Analyst Ana Isa Rodrigues

A discussion with WTW Actuarial Analyst Ana Isa Rodrigues

 June 08, 2023

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At WTW you can contribute to client assignments, network with senior leaders, and develop the skills and experience to build a successful career via WTW's various different graduate programs.

A collaborative graduate experience at WTW

Ana Isa Rodrigues [pictured above] is an Actuarial Analyst at WTW and analyzes pension funds based on economic and demographic assumptions.

Ana describes her experience as a graduate in three words: "Growth, communication, proactivity."

Her thoughts after her first day of working at WTW were around whether she could be as good as the people who were teaching her.

When Ana has a question, she always tries to get the research she needs, then if she still can't find what she requires, she feels comfortable going to ask a colleague.

Enjoying an in inclusive work environment 

Describing WTW's culture, Ana says: "WTW is a very inclusive company with a dynamic environment, so it's very nice to work here." 

Ana's future ambitions for her career are to increase her technical knowledge and management skills.

Sharing her top tips for balancing work and personal life, Ana suggests: "Outline objectives and try to deliver on time, and do not accept more work than you can do."

Sharing advice for future WTW graduates, Ana says: "You just need to follow the advice of people around you and everything will be OK."

What to expect 

From day one, WTW graduates go into a real role with real responsibilities, giving them exposure to client assignments and enabling them to build up valuable experience and skills.

Over the course of the program, graduates have opportunities to gain exposure to different aspects of our business and will be able to gain a solid understanding of what WTW does and how it does it. This is underpinned throughout with technical training and professional qualifications supported by senior leaders.

Graduates from all kinds of backgrounds flourish at WTW

Essential qualities WTW looks for include intellectual curiosity, a passion for business, and a desire to keep on challenging and driving a career forward.

WTW values outstanding communicators who know how to cultivate relationships and work effectively in teams.

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