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Kianna Harley shares the many benefits of working with WTW

Kianna Harley shares the many benefits of working with WTW

 June 21, 2023

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WTW is a prime employer for women. Here, WTW Senior Associate Outsourcing US, Kianna Harley, shares why she enjoys her job, with its competitive salary and the opportunity to maker a positive impact being just a couple of reasons. 

Making an impact and helping associates grow 

"I am a Senior Project Manager in Benefits Delivery Administration here at WTW. I am also a People Manager," shares Kianna.

Kianna learned she could make an impact and help grow associates in their roles. "Simply put, there is nothing better than taking someone from the mindset of this is impossible, to the midnset of I'm confident in my skills, and I know I'm capable of knocking out whatever comes my way," she says. 

WTW values its employees 

One of the main reasons that Kianna enjoys working for WTW is that the company really values its employees. "A lot of companies talk the talk, but WTW walks the walk. From competitive salaries to setting obtainable financial goals for that bonus payout - that's very important," says Kianna.

"My co-workers that I work with, in my market at least, are awesome. They motivate me to do my best, because I see them do their best every single day. There are two big reasons why I love working at WTW - number one is that WTW values its employers, and they show it. And number two is the employees are awesome, and I like to consider myself one of those awesome employees."

Enjoy a rewarding career with WTW 

Join Kianna and her many talented collagues working for WTW


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