Honeywell Director Helin Cox works to minimize climate change

Honeywell Director Helin Cox works to minimize climate change

 July 06, 2023

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Honeywell Senior Director of Sales Excellence, Helin Cox, is a Futureshaper who powers global transportation with cleaner energy technologies.

Consistent and tenacious in her personal life, Helin is a runner. Her current streak is 900 consecutive days running.

Minimizing climate change 

When it comes to the gasoline that goes into vehicles, refiners blend many components to produce the finished product.

One increasingly critical component for blending clean, low sulfur gasoline is alkylate. Alkylate has become a key element to meet cleaner regulations around the world, and the Honeywell technology that’s producing alkylate: ISOALKY™.

Helin is spearheading this breakthrough initiative to aid in reducing the carbon footprint of gasoline.

As with running, consistency and tenacity are key to achieving the greatest goal: minimizing climate change.

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