Theramex supports employee wellbeing via an engaging initiative

Theramex supports employee wellbeing via an engaging initiative

 June 22, 2023

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As a woman’s health company, Theramex is committed to supporting and empowering women at different stages in their life, but also knows we must also look after our own health.

As such, Theramex celebrated its annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day - part of the company's commitment to supporting employee wellbeing.

A positive impact on wellbeing 

"Our furry friends took center stage as they joined us in the office, bringing joy, laughter, and a whole lot of tail wagging to our workplace. It's incredible to witness the positive impact that these adorable creatures have on our team's well-being and overall work environment," said Theramex

"This day reminded us of the importance of work-life balance and the positive impact our furry friends have on our well-being. Bringing dogs to work not only creates a happier and more relaxed environment, but it also reminds us to take breaks, de-stress, and appreciate the simple joys in life."

Theramex is a supportive employer 

Theramex understands that positive employee wellbeing is essential for a happy and productive workplace.

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