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WTWs Audrey Tan looks at workplace equitability for women

WTW's Audrey Tan looks at workplace equitability for women

 July 05, 2023

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WTW is an inclusive employer that cultivates a diverse workplace. 

WTW Head of Health & Benefits for Singapore, Audrey Tan, spoke with People Matters about how the march towards workplace equitability can certainly extend beyond the boardroom.

Seeing the quantity of women in leadership

"A quick look into any company’s diversity and inclusion efforts, and you will spot a common metric: the number of women in managerial positions or on the board," shares Audrey. 

Audrey explains how, over the years, boardroom or c-suites representations have become the poster child to showcase that women can be given equal opportunities to excel as men.

"It’s easy to see why - having women on the board has proven effective to encourage other women employees to pursue their careers and instigate cultural change. At the same time, it is one of the more easily measured indicators to showcase a company’s progress and commitment to diversity."

Equitable workforces that truly empower women

Looking at whether having a female leader is enough to ensure an equitable workforce that truly empowers women, Audrey highlights the difference between equity and equality: "This means providing equal opportunities is not enough, companies also need to create a workplace that will enable every employee, including women, to thrive."

Audrey shares five aspects that employers should think about to help women advance their careers and to create an equitable workforce:

  • Bridge the gender wealth gap
  • Rethink family building support
  • Enable flexible work
  • Empower women’s choices in health
  • Prioritize mental wellbeing

Empowering women with opportunities 

"The road towards gender equity will not be easy, and the needs of women are so unique that they cannot be resolved by simply appointing more female leaders across the management and the boardroom. Only in this way can we truly address the challenges women face, enable them to stay in the workforce throughout different life stages, empowering them with the opportunities they need to embrace equity and thrive in their careers," says Audrey.

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