At Honeywell you get to work with so many different people

At Honeywell you get to work with so many different people

 July 06, 2023

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Meet Melissa Hardy, an Advanced Engineering Support Specialist for Honeywell Aerospace

Melissa has been with Honeywell for three years, with one of her favorite things about Honeywell is the ability to work with so many different people.

"I absolutely love people and Honeywell gives me the opportunity to take my passion for technology, and a passion for people, and put them together," she shares. 

A keen animal lover 

Melissa is also a huge animal lover. "That is my number one thing," she shares. "I have memberships to many zoos! I've actually got to hold a baby tiger before, which was really exciting. My favorite animal is a giraffe, so I spend a lot of time at the zoos I've been to 17 zoos in the United States."

Developing women in technology 

"I have a passion for women, I have a passion for leadership, I love people and I believe that technology is definitely going to be the future - so with Honeywell being a Futureshaper I get to take all of those passions and put them together," shares Melissa. 

"Being a Futureshaper for me means being able to develop women in technology. It means that we can have a greater opportunity to reach people in other countries, and develop things that are going to eliminate some of the barriers. I believe Honeywell has the opportunity and the means and the drive to do that."

Honeywell employs many talented women 

Honeywell women combine their passions through their work, and enjoy a myriad of career opportunities without barriers. 

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