Honeywell: Roxette Mancero Sanchezs career excels at Tridium

Honeywell: Roxette Mancero Sanchez's career excels at Tridium

 September 15, 2023

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Honeywell says that the future is what we make it, and that when you join Honeywell you become a member of its global team of thinkers, innovators, dreamers and doers who make the things that make the future - by changing the way we fly, fueling jets in an eco-friendly way, keeping buildings smart and safe, and even making it possible to breathe on Mars.

At Honeywell you can make the best you, because working at Honeywell is not just about developing cool things. "All our employees enjoy access to dynamic career opportunities across different fields and industries. Join us and make an impact," says Honeywell.

One woman employee who is thriving in her technology-focused role is Roxette Mancero Sanchez.

Roxette works in Channel Sales for VYKON in the USA, which is an enterprise and integration brand of Building Automation, Energy, and Security products at Tridium, a company owned by Honeywell. Roxette joined Tridium in 2021 but has worked in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and automation distribution channels for over a decade. Her career began in inside sales and continued to grow into an Account Management role for not only existing, but new regions and vertical markets.

Roxette's current role is to sell Tridium's software solution platform that integrates all types of systems regardless of brand, age and protocol. The product creates a 'Single Pane of Glass' (i.e. a management console presenting data from multiple sources in a unified display, providing easy access and oversight to an array of tools via a unified interface to access them) or a 'Smart Building System.' Roxette is highly dedicated to customer service and to furthering the path of automation with Tridium’s Niagara Framework.

Actively forging and growing customer relationships

One of Roxette's greatest enjoyments to date working for Honeywell is growing customers and solidifying the customer relationships. "I really enjoy sharing new knowledge and being a true partner to our customers," attests Roxette, a bilingual English / Spanish speaking employee.

Roxette has also participated in the Honeywell President's Club that sees high-performing colleagues recognized and celebrated for their impressive achievements.

"I pride myself in being a minority, and also being a recipient of Data Acquisition and Control Architecture (DACA), and achieving all the successes I have to date with the help of people who believed in me and gave me an opportunity along the way," says Roxette.

Views, opinions and contributions are openly heard at Honeywell

One of the key aspects of Honeywell's work culture and overall support for women leaders that has impressed Roxette the most is, the absolute opportunity to have one's views, opinions and contributions openly heard. This, she says, is key to Honeywell's working environment.

"I love that we are encouraged to voice our opinions and that the women working here at Honeywell all empower each other and offer each other support as we undertake our pathways to success," explains Roxette.

Roxette encourages women to think big

Offering some great career advice to women looking to join Honeywell, "Think big. Be a zealot for growth. Act with urgency. Be courageous," says Roxette.

Forging healthy and sustainable built environments for all

Roxette enjoys attending meetings in her local ASHRAE Chapter because she says they enable her to get a glimpse into the factors and players in the building automation and HVAC industry and how Honeywell can continue to support those efforts. Whether they are spec, ESG, code or technology driven, ASHRAE is a great place to learn about the latest and most modern optimizations happening in Honeywell's industries.

ASHRAE is a global society that was founded in 1894. ASHRAE stands for American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers - and is an American professional association seeking to advance heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems design and construction. ASHRAE has over 50,000 members in more than 130 countries worldwide. The group works to advance human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. ASHRAE's mission is to serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields. Its vision is to forge a healthy and sustainable built environment for all.

The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE actively helps to shape tomorrow’s built environment today. Through her participation, Roxette finds time to help mentor and work with younger individuals through a range of educational services that have paired up with Tridium. 

Focusing on what's important outside of work

Although Roxette maintains a busy schedule and life that does not see much downtime, she is currently planning her wedding alongside trying to enjoy relaxing opportunities like reading books and spending time with her fiancée and dog.

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