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WTW sees employers focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, flexibility

WTW sees employers focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, flexibility

 July 13, 2023

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Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), workplace flexibility, and employee experience are all on the minds of employers across the United States, according to WTW.

WTW study indicates that salary budgets for employees in the United States are expected to remain high in 2024 as employers become accustomed to ongoing labor market challenges.

WTW North America leader for Work, Rewards & Careers Lesli Jennings explains that: “It takes more than compensation to attract and keep great talent, and the past few years have pressed companies to be more resourceful."

"As workforces become more diverse, demanding and dynamic, the key is understanding their specific needs and preferences while providing the desired employee experience and career opportunities within the company,” explains Lesli.

WTW Research Director for Reward Data Intelligence, Hatti Johansson, says: "While we are seeing lower salary increases forecasted for next year, they’re still well above the ones we’ve seen for the past 10 years.”

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