Honeywell Futureshaper Anni Lano marks Disability Pride Month

Honeywell Futureshaper Anni Lano marks Disability Pride Month

 July 13, 2023

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Marked in July, Disability Pride Month sees Honeywell Futureshaper and Senior Talent Manager, Anni Lano shares what disability inclusion means for her, and highlights the role that Honeywell's AllAbilities Network plays in offering its members support and allyship, as well as a sense of belonging.

Viewing design and innovation in a different light 

"I lead accessibility for our Honeywell AllAbilities Network and for me, disability inclusion relates to a really unique group of people because not only will people experience disability at any time in their life, albeit temporary or otherwise. It's something that...we can all connect to through allyship and partners," shares Anni. 

"It has really given people the opportunity to view design and innovation in a different light. I really enjoy working at Honeywell because as a company we are a group of people who are super passionate about making the world a better place. I've always reached out to colleagues for allyship and support, and ultimately it's really what's given me that sense of belonging as a company. For me, that's something that I think is a unique differentiator in terms of our culture."

Advocating for accessibility and inclusion

Anni has an eye condition called Stargardt Disease that impacts her central vision, similar to Macular Degeneration. "I am considered legally blind or low vision, which means my vision is non-correctable. Advocating for accessibility and inclusion is something I have done for a long time on a personal level," says Anni. 

Discussing ways to be more inclusive of those with disabilities, Anni suggests: "There are lots of ways to be an ally to the disability community in your everyday life. A few ways are to consider accessible or universal design as we develop policies, procedures and products. You can also ask colleagues with disabilities questions before making assumptions as to their capabilities, because it’s not about what I can’t do, it’s about how I can do something differently."

Read more from Anni here.

Honeywell is a leading employer for disability inclusion 

Honeywell values its employees with disabilities, and fully encourages allyship in the workplace. 

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