Meet a Honeywell Aerospace Senior Communications Specialist

 July 19, 2023

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Meet Honeywell Aerospace Senior Communications Specialist, Amanda Jensen

Amanda believes that the winning combination for a great career is loving one's job and valuing the people one works with.

Amanda also appreciates the many opportunities for career growth at Honeywell.

Honeywell provides many career growth opportunities 

"I've been at Honeywell for about five years. I first came to Honeywell as an intern back in 2016. Initially I didn't actually know anything about Aerospace and I definitely had very limited knowledge of Honeywell. I thought it was just thermostats and water coolers and fans," says Amanda. 

"I think what keeps me here is the people that I work with. A job is a job, and if you like your job that's great, but if you like the people you work with in addition to liking your job like that's the winning combination right there. In addition to that, I would say the opportunities to be able to grow, advance and to try different things is something else that has kept me here as well," shares Amanda. 

To Amanda, being a Honeywell Futureshaper is really about developing the next level of talent. "I really enjoy the mentoring aspect of it. It has been a great full circle opportunity for me, so it has been good."

"Outside of work I really I love spending time with my dog. I live alone but not really because I have her with me which is great, and I also spend a lot of time with my friends and family. Family is really important to me." 

Seize career growth opportunities at Honeywell 

Candidates looking to grow their career should definitely look to Honeywell for a new role. 

Offering career opportunities in a myriad of areas, the options are vast and exciting. 

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