Looking for transformational career? Apply for a Honeywell job!

Looking for transformational career? Apply for a Honeywell job!

 July 19, 2023

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Interested in an impactful career with top employer Honeywell?

At Honeywell, talented employees make a considerable impact, forge real connections, and become their best selves.

Make an impact

Honeywell Futureshapers bring their ideas, passions and entrepreneurial drive to solve customer and societal challenges to transform the world we live in.

"We are connected to our common purpose of innovation and creating exceptional technologies with a responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future, where you can make the world a better place for you, your family, and your community," says Honeywell.

Make real connections

Honeywell Futureshapers are unique and inspiring, reflecting the customers and communities Honeywell serves.

Honeywell's culture is inclusive - built on respect, collaboration and diverse perspectives. 

Honeywell is committed to solving social and environmental challenges and make impactful changes in the communities where its employees live and work. At Honeywell, women work with smart and capable people from all around the world, and together are part of something bigger. 

Make the best you 

Honeywell Futureshapers apply their best self to thrive professionally and relentlessly accomplish challenging work across a range of industries. 

They grow personally through continuous learning, their individual health and well-being is supported, and their performance rewarded and achievements celebrated.

Honeywell's commitment to integrity and diversity 

Honeywell espouses three Foundational Principles:

  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Respect
  • Inclusion and Diversity

Honeywell's commitment to these Foundational Principles is a fundamental expectation of working at Honeywell.

Underpinning these three Foundational Principles, Honeywell promotes eight behaviors reinforcing its performance culture.

  • Have a passion for winning - Understand and beat the competition. Never give up in the face of resistance and setbacks. Have fearless accountability for getting results. Be consumed with making things better and have an insatiable curiosity for learning.
  • Be a zealot for growth - Solve problems and see the world through the customer’s eyes. Promote confidence and trust. Aggressively focus on new opportunities and obsess over growth. Understand what creates value for customers. Promote a customer-centric organization that has a deep understanding of the needs of Honeywell customers.
  • Think big, then make it happen - Dream of the possibilities instead of limitations. Be willing to re-examine almost anything. Innovate with agility, iterate, test, try, take risks. Translate the best ideas into realistic, pragmatic, executable plans.
  • Act with urgency - Act quickly when faced with ambiguity. Get the facts that you can, think, and then move with lightning speed. Use speed as a differentiator. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Be courageous - Take bold action on what you believe is right. Confront problems directly and face adversity head on. Be comfortable being unpopular when required and press on. Take on seemingly impossible goals and work out of your comfort zone.
  • Become your best - Seek and accept feedback wherever you can get it, decide what to change, and go for it. Be authentic, be curious, and be confident and humble. Be aware of your own biases and work to overcome them. Read others’ reactions, and adjust as you go. Bounce back from disappointments.
  • Be committed - Be an evangelist for the company, take responsibility even if others don’t, act like you own this place. Be a unifier and build momentum. Speak up and let your opinion be heard, then get behind the decision. Create a positive, vibrant environment where people can do their best work. Care deeply about the organization. Lead by example and work hard.
  • Build exceptional talent - Spend time finding excellent talent and coaching others. Network relentlessly and help recruit the very best. Set higher expectations for yourself and others as motivation to continuously learn and grow. Be inclusive and ensure all contributions are valued. Create a positive, vibrant environment where people can do their best work. Give and receive constructive and candid feedback to others around you with the intent of making everyone better.

Build an exciting career as a Honeywell Futureshaper 

Honeywell offers a myriad of varied job roles

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