Anastasia Sparages explains the impact of a Honeywell internship

Anastasia Sparages explains the impact of a Honeywell internship

 September 04, 2023

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Do you know about Honeywell's Global Internship Program?

If not, you should. You can take on impactful projects, build business skills, and interact with leadership. You can also help solve real-world challenges at this top employer.

Internships at Honeywell prepare you for the future. You'll work with leaders in your field on meaningful projects that directly relate to key business goals.

Meet Anastasia Sparages. She's a Honeywell Building Technologies Supply Chain Business Management Systems intern. In this role, she helps to improve Honeywell’s service level, reduce past due customer orders and lower overall inventory level.

"I review our past due orders day-to-day, meaning customer orders that were originally requested in the last day, month or even few years. My review focus is to target where inventory is available to ship in the network, then drill down into underlying problems as to why the sales order with that inventory didn’t ship. This could include contacting the credit team to remove blocks on the order, or even going to the plant managers themselves to inquire when the next production will be on an item," explains Anastasia. "Many times, my role includes checking on the same items daily to inquire about supply shortages."

Additionally, Anastasia created a report to pull data on said past dues and the changes that occur each day, meaning what orders have recently gone past due. This is to ensure we are sticking to FIFO (first in, first out) and shipping inventory on the oldest orders versus the newest. Both of these tasks enable Anastasia to contribute to some of Honeywell’s biggest objectives: “burning down” past due orders and hitting revenue targets monthly and quarterly.

Similar to her role, Honeywell's biggest initiative in Integrated Supply Chain is delivering to the customer on-time/in-full through Planning for Every Part and correct Total Replenishment Lead Time. This includes driving down past due orders and ensuring Honeywell doesn't hold onto excess inventory.

"Month-to-month, we aim to hit our revenue goals by collaborating with all functions - finance, for example - and aligning all aspects of the supply chain, from manufacturing to the customer experience team," says Anastasia.

An internship full of considerable opportunities

Anastasia's experience to date has seen several highlights, achievements and successes.

"I am fortunate to have had an additional internship with Honeywell Aerospace in summer of 2022 in procurement buying. Working out of Tempe, I aimed to reduce the more than $3M in blocked purchase orders. This meant utilizing root cause analysis and strategizing lasting resolutions," says Anastasia.

This was a considerable achievement because it meant enabling parts to finally be brought in, fueling the creation of jet engines and auxiliary power units on planes that people travel on every day. "It felt very rewarding to tackle such work as an intern. Additionally, I gained considerable experience directly with suppliers through coordination of request for quotes and submittals of additional production procurement cost requesting the expedition of funds for urgently needed parts," reflects Anastasia.

Supported to make a difference and succeed

As a young woman at Honeywell, Anastasia says she has felt, and continues to feel, supported in her ambitions to make a difference and succeed in the organizations she is part of.

"Honeywell’s culture of support has made this a fantastic place to work," attests Anastasia. 

"Having had, thus far in my internship, more than 40 1-on-1 meetings with leaders and executives throughout the organization, I have witnessed how friendly, kind, and helpful each person has been. These are qualities that exemplify Honeywell as a company and reinforce the company's core values that motivate each person to work here," explains Anastasia. "All colleagues have provided me with considerable motivation to drive forward in my career, and they've offered great mentorship that I certainly appreciate as young talent in the community. I know that I, as a woman in the company, have the encouragement of those around me to learn and grow. Additionally, it speaks volumes that I prefer to physically go into the office each day, as I enjoy being around the people I work with."

Honeywell internships empower students with hands-on experience

The benefits of an internship with Honeywell are substantial.

From gaining valuable experiences that can’t be duplicated in a classroom to exploring a career path, networking with seasoned professionals and refining skills needed for the future, Honeywell's internship opportunities are invaluable for most students.

At Honeywell, interns don’t make the coffee or get stuck with endless photocopies. They get hands-on experiences, develop business skills and interact with Fortune 100 leaders to help solve real-world challenges.

Learn more about Honeywell internships.


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