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Kira Wang discusses importance of teamwork in a WTW internship

 August 15, 2023

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WTW internships are designed to provide maximum insight into WTW's business and the best possible preparation for a future career.

WTW interns apply what they've learned at university to real-life intellectual challenges. They gain immediate exposure to client assignments doing work that takes them out of their comfort zone, offering something new and unexpected every day.

WTW Analyst, Kira Wang, shares her journey as an intern with WTW, the ways in which she has developed, and why this was the best career choice for her.

A company with an emphasis on teamwork

Kira works as a WTW Analyst in the Work and Rewards team. Kira explains that she chose to do an internship with WTW because she strongly agrees with WTW's values.

And WTW's values are more than words. A strong client focus, an emphasis on teamwork, unwavering integrity, mutual respect and a constant striving for excellence are at the core of WTW’s rich history.

Many of WTW's interns go on to join the company in graduate roles, so WTW invests a lot of time and energy into ensuring its internships provide as much insight as possible into a WTW career as possible. This means providing interns with opportunities to contribute to client projects and experience first-hand what the company does, and how it does it.

"I really enjoy working with various industries and client," says Kira.

Playing to each individual's strengths is important in a team

One of WTW's values is teamwork, meaning that the company brings innovative solutions and world-class advice to its clients by working across boundaries of business, geography and function. WTW's people also help one another succeed and create more value by working together.

As a previous WTW intern, Kira describes how she felt very welcomed because of the company's supportive and encouraging team.

"Under our manager's guidance, our team plays to our own strengths, but makes sure we stay unified as a team," Kira recalls.

Upon finishing the internship program with WTW, Kira's goals were to be able to stay and continue to work with the company, something that was achieved.

Kira's advice for future WTW interns

Kira explains that anyone who has ideas, patience and enjoys teamwork should consider applying to join WTW's internship program.

"But also be prepared to face the daily brainstorming tasks and the clients inquiries from all industries," adds Kira.

Excellent opportunities for WTW interns

WTW generally has opportunities for interns in each of its four business segments:

  • Benefits Delivery and Administration
  • Human Capital and Benefits
  • Corporate Risk and Broking
  • Investment, Risk and Reinsurance

Alternatively, interns could experience life at the heart of WTW's business by exploring opportunities in Corporate teams such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and IT.

Looking for an internship with an international company?

WTW's internship program offers students real-world business experience that's hard to find anywhere else.

With offices all over the world, a breadth of business functions, and supportive experts at every turn, there’s so much to discover as a WTW intern.

WTW colleagues serve more than 140 countries around the world, from Mumbai to London, the Middle East to Latin America and from Manila to New York - so there's a global dimension to almost everything that WTW does, and this creates exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

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