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Monica Rupik benefitted from a WTW Actuarial Internship

 August 16, 2023

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WTW internships are designed to provide maximum insight into WTW's business and the best possible preparation for a future career.

WTW interns apply what they've learned at university to real-life intellectual challenges. They gain immediate exposure to client assignments doing work that takes them out of their comfort zone, offering something new and unexpected every day.

WTW Actuarial Analyst, Monica Rupik, shares her journey as an intern with WTW, the ways in which she has developed, and why this was the best career choice for her.

Experience in different business lines during her internship

Monica is an Actuarial Analyst in WTW's retirement consulting practice, based in Toronto in Canada.

Monica undertook the Actuarial internship Program, where she did two rotations in different lines of the business, meaning she was able to gain experience and skills in varying areas.

"So, I did four months in the Retirement line of business and then another four months in the Health and Benefits line of business," explains Monica.

Opportunities to develop professionally as an intern

Monica explains that for her, something really great about the WTW internship program is that there are opportunities to work with a variety of different client teams.

"I got to work with lots of different people on lots of different projects, and so, professionally, I learned so much during my internship," says Monica.

"I also got to know so many different people at the company personally," adds Monica.

Being welcomed into the WTW team

Monica describes feeling welcomed as an intern with WTW because from the very start, she was involved with the office social groups and getting to know everybody all together.

For Monica, the best experience she has as a WTW intern intern was that she got to attend an actuarial exam-passing party, and a promotions party.

"It was just really great to see how everyone got to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year," recalls Monica.

Monica's advice for future WTW interns

Monica believes that anyone looking to join WTW as an intern in the future will really get out of the internship program what they put into it.

"So, talk to everybody that you work with, figure out what you like and if there's something that you're interested in, let somebody know," says Monica. "There are so many opportunities at WTW."

Excellent opportunities for WTW interns

WTW generally has opportunities for interns in each of its four business segments:

  • Benefits Delivery and Administration
  • Human Capital and Benefits
  • Corporate Risk and Broking
  • Investment, Risk and Reinsurance

Alternatively, interns could experience life at the heart of WTW's business by exploring opportunities in Corporate teams such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and IT.

Looking for an internship with an international company?

WTW's internship program offers students real-world business experience that's hard to find anywhere else.

With offices all over the world, a breadth of business functions, and supportive experts at every turn, there’s so much to discover as a WTW intern.

WTW colleagues serve more than 140 countries around the world, from Mumbai to London, the Middle East to Latin America and from Manila to New York - so there's a global dimension to almost everything that WTW does, and this creates exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

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