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Work at WTW and enjoy brilliant flexible working options

Work at WTW and enjoy brilliant flexible working options

 August 24, 2023

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Looking to work for a company that offers great opportunities to enjoy a range of flexible work styles? WTW offers this and more.  

WTW Chief HR Officer, Kristy Banas, met with HR leaders in Toronto, Canada who discussed the company's many and varied flexible working arrangements.

While many of WTW's colleagues are fully remote, others prefer to connect in person.

"Our flexible work styles benefit all. Find your fit," invites WTW.

WTW offers different working arrangements

WTW understands flexibility is key to supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce and so WTW offers a variety of different working arrangements which its calls WTW Work Flex. WTW encourages its colleagues and candidates to make requests for the types of flexible working arrangements that suit them. These requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Location-based arrangements - WTW has three working styles: remote, in-office, and hybrid. The majority of WTW's colleagues work in the “hybrid” style, with a mix of remote, in-person and in-office interactions, dependent on the needs of the team, role and clients. 
  • Flexible working patterns - WTW trusts its people to know their work and the people, tools and environment they need to be successful. At WTW, they're focused on creating the best outcomes, for clients and colleagues, not where or when this is achieved. Some examples of flexible working patterns may include job sharing and part-time working.

WTW Work Flex suits the needs of different colleagues from around the world.

WTW offers remote working

Project Management Associate, Alejandra Velez, shares her experience of working remotely at WTW. Thanks to the flexibility of remote working, Alejandra is able to make connections with colleagues from around the globe, continue to practice a wide range of languages, spend quality time with her family and friends, and do the things she loves most.

WTW offers hybrid working 

See what Head of Health & Benefits in Egypt and Jordan, Hassan Helmy, has to say about his hybrid working arrangement at WTW. WTW's hybrid model enables Hassan to make the most of face-to-face time with his colleagues and clients in the office, while also being able to spend more time with his family and friends. Overall, Hassan feels he has the perfect work-life balance.

WTW offers in-office working 

Business Support Supervisor, Monica D’Silva, speaks about her experience of in-office working and why this working arrangement is an ideal choice for her. Monica finds being physically present in the office enables her to separate her work and home life, allowing her to fully focus on work while in the office and enjoy her free time at home with family.

Flexible working for all employees 

WTW Global Leader for Future of Work & Risk, Tracey Malcolm, discusses the wide range of opportunities available to employers for implementing a flexible working culture across for all employees across the different stages of their careers.

"Technology is changing the way we work, providing more opportunities for flexibility. WTW supports work/life integration and believes flexibility plays a key role in employee engagement and retention," suggests WTW. "Technology is changing the way we work, providing more opportunities for empowerment and flexibility for work-life integration. These changes mean that employers offering access to flexible working options no longer stands out as a competitive advantage; it’s an essential component of work to attract, retain and engage employees."

Tracey outlines a number of flexible working that can be made available by employers including:

  • Phased retirement – The gradual reduction of workload, hours and responsibilities alongside the introduction of retirement benefits.
  • No meetings Wednesdays – Setting aside a particular day of the week/month where no meetings can be scheduled, allowing time for employees to focus exclusively on work deliverables whether in office or from home.
  • Results-only work environment – Employees are evaluated solely on the quality and outcomes of work and deliverables rather than face time or hours worked, enabling them to set their own schedules and location.

Breaking down barriers to flexible working

Tracey shares that many employees still report not being able to work as flexibly as they would like. For example, a WTW Global Workforce Study showed only 44 per cent of employees felt senior leadership at their organization has a sincere interest in their wellbeing.

"For employees to use available policies, they need true permission to do so. Business leaders need to show that working flexibly won’t have adverse effects on their experience at work or their long-term career prospects. With stress identified as one of the biggest health risks (and lack of work/life balance as the number one cause of stress from the employees’ perspective), leaders should be more concerned about the wellbeing of their teams and the role of flexible working in supporting employees to manage stress," explains Tracey.

Enjoy a healthy work/life balance at WTW 

WTW understands flexibility is key to supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce. 

As such it has a variety of different working arrangements. 

Find a style that works for you and search career opportunities at WTW


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