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What does a Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planner do at AECOM?

What does a Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planner do at AECOM?

 September 13, 2023

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AECOM is a sustainability-focused employer that knows that addressing and adapting to climate change and its effects is a global priority with challenges including how to prepare for natural disasters that have grown in intensity and frequency. 

"From prolonged drought and catastrophic flooding to superstorms...our population centers and the infrastructure that support them are at greater risk. With the tragic loss of life and significant economic losses...resulting from natural disasters, solutions that protect people and places, anticipate eventualities and incorporate the ability to recover are of critical importance," explains AECOM.

AECOM's climate adaptation services help its clients understand potential vulnerabilities and support initiatives that increase resilience.

Working to help solve climate challenges 

There are many exciting environmental roles at AECOM.

Meet Julia-Grace Sanders, AECOM Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planner who, in her first job as a journalist, constantly envied the stories the environmental reporter at her paper got to write.

"Pretty soon, I worked my way into a science and environment reporting gig at another paper," says Julia-Grace. 

"From the first time I pulled on a pair of waders to join fish biologists examining salmon habitat in an estuary, I was hooked. After several years working as an environmental journalist, a grant program manager ignited my desire to take part in solving the climate challenges I wrote about. That drive led me to Columbia University's MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program which I completed in May with a brand-new set of policy and management skills to foster climate solutions. I'm excited to put those skills to use at AECOM." 

Climate and flood resilience 

Julia-Grace works a Project Manager in Seattle for AECOM's complex planning studies in climate and flood resilience to research and implement solutions involving infrastructure, governance, and policy strategies, and her duties include: 

  • developing and implementing climate adaptation and resilience plans, strategies, and similar policy initiatives
  • interpreting and applying applicable local, regional, state, and federal climate adaptation and resilience guidance, policy, or regulations
  • coordinating public engagement, stakeholder workshops, and other elements of the outreach and engagement process for planning documents and project approvals
  • researching and analyzing data on climate, environmental conditions, demographic, and socio-economic factors

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