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Marking International Equal Pay Day, WTW highlights knowledge

Marking International Equal Pay Day, WTW highlights knowledge

 September 20, 2023

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Equal pay is a key expectation for any woman in the workplace, so working for a company that leads in helping further organizations achieve pay equity can prove to be a very rewarding experience.

Well known across the world for its leadership in pay equity support, WTW marked International Equal Pay Day by reminding organizations about the importance of meeting pay transparency demands and advancing fair pay.

WTW's own 2023 Pay Transparency Survey highlights the need to ensure that the drivers of equal pay are in place so that employers can confidently provide increased visibility and clarity around their pay programs and pay outcomes. Organizations can  employ different types of learning programs and resources to help employees understand how their pay works and the increased pay information available to them.

WTW sees a number of key women working within its pay equity arena including: 

  • Global Pay Equity Lead, Tamsin Sridhara [pictured above]
  • Director, Talent and Rewards, Lindsay Wiggins
  • North America Pay Equity Co-Lead, Mariann Madden
  • Europe Pay Equity Lead, Eva Jesmiatka [pictured above]
  • Senior Director, Change Management and Employee Experience, Sara Vallas

WTW suggests that there are certain measures that can help prepare employers for this journey include:

  • establishing job structures
  • building confidence in pay structures and policies
  • ensuring required pay data and analytics are accessible and reliable
  • educating and engaging stakeholders

Communicating pay information to prospective employees

WTW suggests that disclosure of pay range information to prospective employees is more prevalent in the U.S. than in any other country or region. This is due to legislation in several states requiring disclosure of this information. However, the recently adopted European Union (EU) Pay Transparency Directive is creating a sense of urgency among companies in EU countries to prepare to comply with the new regulations.

Achieving equal pay

International Equal Pay Day represents the longstanding efforts towards the achievement of equal pay for work of equal value. It further builds on the United Nations' commitment to human rights and against all forms of discrimination, including discrimination against women and girls.

WTW is an employer that values gender equality in the workplace 

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