Careers in energy & electrification: Honeywell's Sarah Martin explains

 September 26, 2023

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Meet Honeywell's President of Sensing and Safety Technologies, Sarah Martin.

Sarah speaks with Honeywell Chief Marketing Officer, Laura Kelleher, about advice for aspiring engineers and innovators who are passionate about environmental transformation and want to make an impact. 

Driving a career in energy transition 

"The way the world is powered is changing, and it's changing faster than at any time in decades, if not longer. And so to drive a career in energy transition, whether it's within vehicle technology, whether it's building technology or anything else, modes of transportation, is a great place to really develop and be at the heart of something that will drive complete transformation in how we all live our lives. It's fantastic," explains Sarah.

"I think it's important that they gain as much experience as possible with businesses or within this space. Honeywell offers a great intern program, for example, as do many others. Be super curious about everything. While there are a lot of solutions out there within this space, there's so much still developing and evolving that the rate of technology change is going to be vast. So, be super curious about what's going on and new forms of really driving electrification will happen consistently over the next years."

A sense of purpose 

"The one thing that drives my team in this, and I've noticed it here more than almost anything else we do, and it's a sense of real purpose about why this is important," explains Sarah. "Our aspect is safety. We want to use our sensing technology and our instrumentation capability to keep people safe, to allow people to go home at night safely."

That sense of purpose resides across Sarah's team. "I have some of the best technologists I think personally available to me. And it's that sense of purpose that we're doing something for good that really drives their desire to push further, to push faster, to deliver solutions to customers and really solve new problems and solving new problems is what we all enjoy doing."

Building diverse teams 

Sarah is responsible for Honeywell’s global sensing and safety business in healthcare, industrial manufacturing, industrial process and safety, transportation and logistics. In this role, Sarah is focused on business transformation and has a passion for building diverse teams and talent. 

Prior to her role as President of Sensing & Safety Technologies, Sarah joined Honeywell in 2012 as a senior offering manager for Honeywell Automation and Controls Solutions in the UK. Since 2012, Sarah has held roles at Honeywell as European Marketing Director, General Manager for Electronic Sensing & Gas Detection, and was President of Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies before its merger and integration with Honeywell Gas Analysis & Safety to form Sensing & Safety Technologies. 

Before joining Honeywell, Sarah worked in the electronics industry, holding roles in marketing, business development and others with UK, European and global responsibilities. 

Sarah earned an M.B.A. from Heriot-Watt’s Edinburgh Business School and an M.A. in Business and Languages from Heriot-Watt University.

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