Theramex supports Inquiry into women’s reproductive health

Theramex supports Inquiry into women’s reproductive health

 September 27, 2023

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Working at Theramex means helping deliver the company's mission of improving the health of women across the globe. And women's health in the workplace is a core focus.

Part of Theramex's commitment to women's health means backing policies that will change women's lives for the better. Theramex believes it is crucial to share experiences and use its collective voices to improve the experience for all women.

Theramex highlighted its support for an important UK Parliamentary Inquiry looking into women’s reproductive health and the challenges women face when they are diagnosed and treated for conditions affecting their health. The inquiry considered disparities that exist in the diagnosis, treatment, and the impact of women’s experiences on their health and lives.

Inviting written evidence on reproductive health

The Call for Evidence regarding women’s reproductive health invited written evidence regarding:

  • What constitutes healthy periods and reproductive health?
  • What are women’s experiences of being diagnosed with, undergoing procedures and being treated for gynaecological or urogynaecological conditions?
  • What disparities exist in the treatment and diagnosis of gynaecological or urogynaecological conditions?
  • What barriers exist in the treatment and diagnosis of gynaecological or urogynaecological conditions?

Understanding menopause in the workplace

Theramex has previously supported another UK Parliamentary Inquiry into women's health, focused on menopause in the workplace.

This inquiry was a result of the Government Equalities 2019 ‘roadmap’ on gender equality, where the UK Government committed to conduct research into what works to improve women’s reproductive health, across the life course. The inquiry examined the extent of discrimination faced by menopausal people in the workplace, and investigated how government policy and workplace practices can better support those experiencing menopause.

Working to advance women's health

Women at Theramex help create innovative, effective patient-focused, effective solutions that support women of all ages, while working closely with partners, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Work for a company that supports women's health 

Theramex employees have a genuine passion for improving the lives of women around the world.

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