National Disability Employment Awareness Month at Honeywell

National Disability Employment Awareness Month at Honeywell

 October 19, 2023

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Honeywell is a diverse employer that cultivates a highly inclusive workplace culture. 

Honeywell marked National Disability Employment Awareness Month with Futureshaper and Founder of its All Abilities Employee Network, Candy Yu, discussing her role and how inclusivity helps her bring her true self to work.

Tremendous opportunities to grow 

"I can be myself at Honeywell," shares Director, Integrated Supply Chain Project Management, Candy. "As a minority woman, and engineer at heart, I bring my true self to work. I'm able to drive data-driven decisions, I've been given tremendous opportunities to grow within this company. I do resonate with Honeywell's core values. We have a very diverse and inclusive culture."

"I'm the Aerospace All Abilities Employee Network chapter lead," she explains. "I'm able to be part of the founding members to start up this network from ground zero, to where are at today. I've been given the opportunity that I can give back to the Honeywell community."

Bring an authentic self to a role at Honeywell 

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