Honeywell CEO and employees kick off Global Volunteering Month

Honeywell CEO and employees kick off Global Volunteering Month

 November 15, 2023

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Making a positive impact through giving back to society can be very rewarding.

Honeywell CEO Vimal Kapur and the company's Charlotte-based Futureshapers kicked off its Global Volunteering Month volunteering at non-propfit organization Envision Charlotte that works to strengthen economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability, and positive community impacts across the Charlotte area.

"Sorting plastics, glass and weaving textiles into baskets, they breathe new life into used items and promote sustainability locally," said Honeywell commenting on some of the work being undertaken. 

Collaborating and participating in volunteering work

"November is Global Volunteering Month. As a company we have to be responsible as a force for good for our community and having a dedicated month is a great way for all of us to remember that, and a great way for all of us to collaborate and participate in volunteering work," explained Honeywell's CEO.

"Honeywell's volunteering effort and our community work has been very much focused on two broad areas so far, which are STEM education and anything to do with humanitarian relief. We started progressing that to sustainability over the last year or so. Why sustainability? Because we want to be a contributing factor to address the problem of climate change - a lot of our offerings do that naturally, and we want to extend that to our volunteering work."

Making positive community impacts 

Envision Charlotte is a public private plus collaborative that leads Charlotte’s progress as a global Smart City through innovations that strengthen the area's economic competitiveness, forge environmental sustainability, and drive positive community impact.

Envision Charlotte's mission is to:

  • Make Charlotte’s urban core a living laboratory to foster innovation and first-of-their kind programs to improve sustainability, resilience, economic competitiveness and quality of life that can be measured, scaled and replicated beyond the urban core and in other communities.
  • Collect, analyze and communicate data for qualified efforts that increase efficiency and result in improved sustainability, resilience and quality of life.
  • Leverage its strengths and accomplishments in the energy sector and build on its history of public private plus partnerships and cooperation between corporate citizens, academia and government.

Inspiring change in communities around the world

Honeywell's global philanthropic initiatives work to improve lives and inspire change in communities around the world.

The company's Philanthropic Pillars are:

  • STEM Education - As a leader in innovation, Honeywell drives efforts to introduce science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to students.
  • Humanitarian Relief - Powered by employee donations, Honeywell works to help victims of natural disasters and restore communities where its people live and work.
  • Inclusion and Diversity - Honeywell communities lead the way to create more access and opportunity for minorities, women and veterans. 

Join Honeywell and make a positive change

Honeywell employees make a difference across the globe.

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