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AECOM Australias Ashley Lang works to deliver a better world

AECOM Australia's Ashley Lang works to deliver a better world

 December 06, 2023

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Imagine a role working to deliver a better world. Sound impactful and rewarding?

 AECOM's Regional Managing Director for Victoria and South Australia, Ashley Lang, certainly thinks so.

"Working for AECOM is hugely energising," attests Ashley who leads a 900-strong team to deliver critical projects across the civil infrastructure, energy, water, and buildings sectors. "AECOM's projects are community-shaping and are building positive legacies for generations to come," she explains.

A passion for science, engineering and law

Ashley has an impressive engineering and law studies background which guided her career path. Her first degree was in science, following which she then went on to study engineering and law part-time after joining the workforce.

"My dad was a high school mathematics teacher, and he encouraged me in this area from a young age. My interest in science and engineering also grew over time, and I wanted to play my part in leaving a healthy planet for future generations," says Ashley.

Applying knowledge and experience in new and different ways

Earlier in her career, Ashley led a large program of works for one of AECOM's global clients across Southeast Asia. This was her second time working in AECOM’s Asia business, and it provided Ashley with a further opportunity to work with teams from diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds. While quite challenging for her at the time, Ashley believes this work was particularly formative period in her personal and professional growth journey. "I was tested to apply my knowledge and experience in new and different ways, and I really pushed myself outside my comfort zone," says Ashley. Much of what she learned during that time, she has gone on to apply through further projects and business roles.

Through her work, Ashley is often required to call upon a range of core skills including being a very active listener, having exceptional communication ability, and ensuring she is as collaborative as possible.

AECOM - Ashley Lang

Helping deliver a better world

"It’s a very exciting time to be working for AECOM and be part of our mission to deliver a better world," says Ashley. "Now, more than ever, AECOM has an exciting pipeline of technically complex and interesting projects. We’re actively supporting the energy transition and transformational projects in the community in response to climate change and societal changes."

A supportive workplace committed to advancing women

Ashley also speaks very highly about AECOM's work culture. 

"AECOM offers a very supportive workplace that is committed to investing in its women employees and offers policies that support women at various phases of their lives, like flexible working practices," she attests."

"We strongly focus on career paths, with programs and policies in place to develop women and create opportunities for mentoring and coaching. Our succession planning is deliberate, and we have near and long-term targets for increasing gender representation in our leadership positions and across our workforce. In 2023, women made up almost 50 percent of our 2023 graduate intake, and we will continue to invest and advance our future STEM leaders and create a culture where women thrive."

A genuine culture of respect and care

Ashley joined AECOM almost three decades ago after working in the government sector. She has held various major program delivery, operational and work-winning leadership roles in Australia and Asia, including leading AECOM’s Asia Pacific oil & gas business and, most recently, as Environment & Energy regional business line director in Australia and New Zealand.

"My long career with AECOM reflects the fulfillment I get from working within a genuine culture of respect and care, and the opportunities I’ve received to try new and different things while feeling supported. Our team members really do support one another."

Finding a perfect fit

Ashley offers salient advice for further women looking to consider applying for a job with AECOM.

"If you see a role, and you’re not quite sure if you have the experience level for it, back yourself and apply," she encourages. "We want to see a diverse pool of candidates, and we hire people with many skill sets. Remember, the role you are applying for is one piece of the puzzle, and that role, or another, might be the perfect fit."

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