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Tania Panjabi enjoys great career growth opportunities at WTW

 December 14, 2023

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Here, Actuarial Analyst Tania Panjabi from WTW's Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub Actuarial team, shares why she is proud to work for the company

Enjoying freedom to learn 

Actuarial Analyst, Tania, says: "When I joined WTW this was my first step towards working in the field of actuarial science with a blank mind and I didn't know where to begin. That's where the role of my managers came in - they taught me as if I was in university. They guided me step-by-step and gave me the freedom to work around things where I felt comfortable. So that gave me the freedom to learn and do things my way."

Offering constant growth opportunities 

Tania feels that WTW has provided her with constant career growth opportunities and a very good managerial support system. 

"They helped me mould myself in a way that I can lead a team in the future," shares Tania.

"WTW is a people's company, you are as good as the people you are surrounded with. Having good vibes and positivity around you gets the best out of you. It's not just the work, but it's the people here that will convince you to be part of this. There's a lot of adventures and a lot to learn. When you leave work you will be happy, and when you wake up in the morning every day you will wake up looking forward to the day and not saying: 'Oh no, work again.'"

Embark on a rewarding career with WTW 

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