Theramex works to drive womens health up the agenda. Join them

Theramex works to drive women's health up the agenda. Join them

 January 11, 2024

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Working for a company that is passionate about improving access and education to women's health across the UK and globally can be very rewarding.

Dedicated to women's health, Theramex is a leading global pharmaceutical company often facilitating key conversations to forge positive change.

Driving women’s health up the agenda

Theramex women health

Theramex often collaborates with experts in the health profession through initiating key dialogue that helps drive women’s health up the agenda. As such, a recent panel hosted by Theramex saw a discussion about the importance of prioritizing women’s health in the workplace.

"... we understand the importance of sharing knowledge and encouraging partnership between industry and the wider healthcare ecosystem," says Theramex. 

"We know that globally there is inadequate access to basic women’s health services. For example, in the UK, women report being unable to access fertility (61 %), abortion (60%), menopause (58%) and other basic services. We're committed to improving the lives of women across the UK and strive to reduce inequalities seen in access to care and treatment. As we reflect on what was an insightful and inspiring discussion, we send our thanks to all those who were able to join us and value your willingness to collaborate. For us, this is one of many conversations we hope to initiate to drive women’s health up the agenda."

Theramex works to advance women's health 

Working for Theramex can prove very rewarding, so research their latest latest jobs and secure your place with this progressive company.


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