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Meet AECOM Water Resources Engineer graduate Meredith Cote

Meet AECOM Water Resources Engineer graduate Meredith Cote

 January 30, 2024

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Embarking on a career with a company that encourages creativity, supports flexibility, values diversity, and embraces the new and the ground-breaking can be incredibly rewarding.

AECOM offers a wide variety of opportunities to join its network of global experts, where employees work alongside the industry’s best and brightest in an environment that supports learning, development and technical excellence.

Building a better world through environmental engineering

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Meet AECOM Water Resources Engineer, US West Region, Meredith Cote. Meredith is proud to share her career journey from a graduate student in environmental engineering, to her eight year long AECOM career within a supportive and positive work environment.

Cultivating new skills and learning from women

Meredith explains that in her career with AECOM, she has exciting opportunities to learn from other women working within her profession, especially other early-career professionals.

“I have the privilege of representing AECOM at the weSTEM annual conference at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where I earned my Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering," explains Meredith.

"My hope for this event is to learn from other women in our profession and to cultivate new skills and relationships in a positive, supportive environment. As someone who navigated differing interests in both my academic and early professional careers, I look forward to making connections with early-career professionals and offer any guidance I can."

Finding a sense of belonging

Growing up, Meredith was always following in the footsteps of her father, who was also a graduate of the Illinois engineering program. "As I dealt with imposter syndrome throughout my undergraduate studies, attempting to mirror his academic career, I leaned on my family and friends to support me. It was not until I arrived at UIUC and was part of classes that were majority women that I felt a sense of true belonging for the first time," Meredith comments.

"At AECOM, I found a similar feeling of belonging and have always been encouraged to pursue my interests and set lofty goals. After an eight year long career, it is truly special for me to return to campus for this event, which I am so proud to be part of!"

Graduate career opportunities

With expert teams around the globe collaborating to deliver game-changing projects, AECOM provides the resources and environment to help its colleagues turn their education and knowledge into limitless career potential.

Whether individuals are completing university or still studying, AECOM has a wide variety of graduate internship programs available to meet their needs, so they can balance both their personal and professional aspirations.

AECOM is committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) within AECOM and its industry. As a result, the environment at work is safe and respectful. Each employee is empowered to bring their unique talents, backgrounds and expertise to bear on some of the world’s most complex challenges and where everyone can thrive both personally and professionally.

AECOM's shared vision for the future is a world where infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone. The company's core values unite employees as professionals, align each individual with the ambitions AECOM shares with its clients, and defines how AECOM works.

Leaving a sustainable legacy through an AECOM career

Around the globe, AECOM's clients count on the company to think without limits and pioneer solutions to their greatest challenges, building legacies for future generations.

"Leave a lasting legacy in your career. Join the global team of nearly 50,000 professionals at AECOM. Whether it’s improving the commute, keeping the lights on, providing access to clean water, building climate change resilience, or transforming skylines, we believe infrastructure has the power to uplift communities and improve people’s lives, and our graduates play a critical role in making it happen," says AECOM. "At AECOM, you’ll work in a dynamic and inclusive environment where we will champion your integrity and innovative mindset."

Bring bold ideas and big dreams to an AECOM career

AECOM has flexible work options that help balance the demands of work and life, as well as learning and growth programs that advance careers.

Discover the many career pathways available at AECOM.


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