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AECOMs Fay Bull is making a difference to nature and society

AECOM's Fay Bull is making a difference to nature and society

 February 06, 2024

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From flood protection to nutrient control to desalination, AECOM’s goal is to ensure that its water clients have access to globally sustainable technologies, locally delivered. AECOM's vision is a world where infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone – uplifting communities, improving access and sustaining our planet.

As a prime employer for women, AECOM's team of impressive women work in and across the major markets to deliver comprehensive solutions that safeguard human health and the environment.

Meet AECOM Regional Director, Water Resources, Fay Bull, who is based in Leeds, UK. Learn more about Fay's role with AECOM and take inspiration from her career advice.

Making a difference through her work

AECOM water management

Balancing the world’s need for safe, reliable water with protecting this critical natural resource for the future requires a deep understanding of interconnected systems. With a robust design and construction division, AECOM offers a unique perspective on designing projects that are fully constructible.

Fay explains that she has always loved the natural environment, and having graduated with a Degree in Geography in the mid-2000’s, the job market was buoyant.

"I managed to secure a few job offers, and I quite liked the sound of a ‘Graduate Flood Risk Specialist’, not least because my friends called me Fay Flood. It was quite fitting! From that point, I became fascinated with flooding and water management, and I could see there was an opportunity to make a real difference to society and nature through my work," says Fay.

"I would love to say that joining the industry was more planned, but once I’d dipped my toe in the water (pun intended!) the rest was history!"

Fay's piece of career advice

AECOM natural environment

Having embarked on a successful career with AECOM, Fay suggests a career can be viewed as a book, with each stage being its own chapter.

"There might be some twists and turns, some chapters might be a bit dull, and there could even be a cliff edge moment to keep readers on their toes. But the pages keep turning, and the story evolves. Whatever happens in your career, have faith that it’s all part of your story,” suggests Fay.

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